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The question is not, if you can achieve it, the question is, if you believe it. – Nemanja Adamovic

How to increase productivity

How to increase your productivity


Do you know people who are just so at ease-because after their work is done they can take time off , relax and enjoy their life? Do you feel sometimes, that you just cannot finish one task completely and later at the evening, after you started a tons of different things, you feel exhausted but not satisfied because you didn’t achieve anything really? The secret is, how to be effective. Effective means here, how to be really productive. How can you be more productive? The following tips will help you.

First of all you need to know what your overall-goal is. Write it down. For example to increase revenue or a private goal example would be: to lose weight. Now you can divide this main goal into smaller “part”-goals. To come back to the goals written before: to increase your revenue you can check different things such as the product itself and its marge, the sales numbers, your service… everything is a part of increasing revenue. Losing weight could be divided into the following smaller goals, such as “eat healthier” “exercise more” and “motivation”. For each category you can do different things to meet this goal. Just think about it for a minute and then you can go over to the next step.

So the next thing what you want to do is, to write a to-do list. Check with every point, if this is really bringing you closer to your goal.

Afterwards you reach to a very important step: prioritize. Without this all you effort and goal, wouldn’t work. Because prioritize brings you the most effectiveness out of your limited time. Look at the deadlines every point has and see which timeline/structure/Reihenfolge the points have. For example it doesn’t make sense to run 60minutes through, when you have never done a workout before. Little steps and milestones set in between, helps you the set the right path. Be fair and realistic to yourself. And then set an overall time you have for each point. Once you know that, you can divide this through the hours you have free in a day or weeks, and break it down to what you can achieve in 30minutes or one hour. One aspect what can help you to have a little bin fun with this, is for example. You know you want a clean house, you don’t like it but cannot afford a cleaning lady. Set yourself a time, let’s say 60minutes, and then run and clean your house as if the president of your country would come to visit in one hour. Turn on the music and make everything with a certain point of urgency. This can be your challenge in this one hour. When you meet it, you will be so happy and proud of yourself. You can adapt this to every goal. You ran 15min through? This is great. And brings you one step closer to your goal, you have in mind. Give yourself a little break afterwards or a treat (doesn’t have to be chocolate), this can be calling a good friend afterwards or eating dinner, give yourself a foot massage. Everything what makes you happy and gives your mind the “yes. I did it.“ Feeling. It is important that you do these actions on a regular basis. The more often you do it and act in a certain ryhtm, the better. One you have done something for at least three weeks in a row, it becomes your habit. It kind of becomes your personal tradition. And you will be so much more productive, after just three weeks… you don’t want to be your old you anymore ;-) Try it out.

How to start a business and work from home with no money

How to start your own business and work from home with no money

Everything starts with an idea at the beginning. It could be a dream of making something better than it was before or bringing value to your customer through your product or service. In this article we will explain you how you can start your own business and work from home with no money.

Many dream of starting their own business, but do not know how. Many people already do one significant failure: they don’t get started. If you can overcome this problem (not starting or acting what you dream to achieve) you are one step ahead on everyone else. You mustn’t worry about failing. Doing a mistake is not a weakness but it makes you stronger – see the mistake as a teacher. Which brings us to the solution: the more you fail the better you will be. It’s the same as in the finance sector, a stock never goes straight up, the stock always “corrects” itself. These are simply the small challenges you will face in your business either way. Don’t be afraid of them. In most cases you have an idea of what you like to IMPROVE. Now you ask: but what if I don’t know what or where to improve anything? There is also a solution for that. (watch the video first)


How to start your own business and work from home with no money


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Why you need to increase your business proliferation

Imagine you do something good, for example helping an old lady crossing the street. The lady will be happy for that moment and you will be too, because you did something good. No one will know if they hadn’t seen or heard about it.
Of course you can tell your friends what you did and about the smile you received from the old lady. Maybe people who saw or heard about it thought it was a nice thing to do and will keep their eyes open next time, when the want to cross a street. If you don’t tell someone, this situation will be forgotten and some point.

Imagine people like Thomas Edison who had invented the lightbulb or Felix Hoffmann who found out the impact of aspirin- hadn’t told people around them (and later the world) what they had figured out. It started small, but if they hadn’t revealed, showed and explained what they did- nobody would have known. This “small discovery” changed the whole world, that others could work further more on it and the whole world can profit from it now.

What does all this have to do with you and your company?
You have a product or service which helps others (your customers) in a certain way. And I am sure it can help others as well. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you didn’t let them know?

In this global connected world- spreading out the word is the key for selling your products. But it is important WHO gets this information and WHEN. If you have a good product or do something good, tell others. Tell people who use your products to tell others (be a reference for you). Go on the websites or communities, where people (your potenzial customers) are and share your product/opinion. Only when they know about you and your company, they can decide if they want to buy your product or at least tell others about it.

Why having values in your business matters



When you think of your childhood: didn’t you as a child admire your parents and thought what they said was right?

They made the rules and explained to you why you should or shouldn’t do certain things at home or in your life-they were you advisers in many ways. And when you grew older, you learned from your mistakes and realized which rules (from your parents and your surrounding) work for you. When moving out of your parent’s home and finally living your life independently, you realize how important it is to set your own set of rules and principles for your life, based on what you have learned and experienced. These principles and values in your life, such as passion, forgiveness and loyalty, will define your life and shape your personality while you make decisions.

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Why storytelling can help you reach more success

Why-storytelling-can-help you-reach-more-success

Why-storytelling-can-help you-reach-more-success

What makes a good story?

I Interesting characters in the story with one or two protagonists, otherwise the story would be too complex. You should feel related to at least of the protagonists in some way in order to keep reading the story

II a good length is also relevant, because you don’t want to fall asleep because it is never ending and nothing really happens. But it should also have a certain length, where you feel like there is really something behind this story, otherwise you will forget this story in no time. Read more

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